International Remote Traineeship

Preparing young international talent for leading international companies

International Remote Traineeship

Preparing young international talent for leading international companies

International cooperation

Next step for Adwise Academy

Adwise Academy has partnered with 'Talent Acceleration Platform (TAP)', a Dutch-Palestinian EdTech company that focuses on supporting talented young individuals in fragile parts of the MENA region. Through educational programs, TAP provides them with the opportunity to kickstart their careers. Adwise Academy has developed a remote digital marketing traineeship to give these students a head start in their careers and prepare them for a (remote) job at a company in Europe.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Adwise Academy, we strongly believe in making a social impact. It is our core value to make a difference, and with this project, we specifically aim to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged areas. We consider it important to provide these individuals with an opportunity for employment and to develop their digital skills, such as digital marketing. Having a suitable job has a tremendous impact on the lives of these young talented individuals. By equipping them with the right knowledge and tools, they can exert a positive influence on their own lives and communities.

Why is it so valuable?

Our program is designed with a strong focus on practical learning. We believe that the best way to develop digital skills is by applying them in practice. That's why we work with trainers who are employed by the number one digital marketing educator in the Netherlands and incorporate our own award-winning cases. The students work on assignments for real clients, gaining valuable experience and honing their skills. Furthermore, our trainees are highly intelligent and motivated individuals with a university background. They are in the traineeship because they are eager to have an opportunity to work remotely for European companies. In this way, we also contribute to reducing the labor market shortage.


Looking for Digital Marketing talent for your organization?

Are you looking for highly educated and motivated digital marketing talent for your organization? At Adwise Academy, we offer companies the opportunity to provide internships to our trainees. This allows both the companies and trainees to get to know each other and gain valuable work experience. Our trainees are willing to work remotely and are eager to apply their knowledge and skills. Providing an internship to one of our talented trainees is free of charge. If your company is interested, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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