International Remote Traineeship

Preparing young international talent for leading international companies

International Remote Traineeship

Preparing young international talent for leading international companies

Discover the Power of International Collaboration

Next step for Adwise Academy

Adwise Academy has entered into a collaboration with the  'Talent Acceleration Platform (TAP)', Together, we aim to support talented young individuals in conflict or disadvantaged areas. Through educational programs, TAP provides these students with an opportunity for a flying start in their careers. We are now proud to introduce our remote digital marketing traineeship, specifically designed to prepare them for a (remote) job at a company in Europe.

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Corporate Social Responsibility is Our Passion
At Adwise Academy, we strongly believe in making a societal impact. It is our core value to make a difference. With this project, we specifically focus on improving lives in disadvantaged areas. We offer talented students the chance to realize their potential and build a successful career. By providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools in the field of digital skills, such as digital marketing, we help them exert a positive influence on their own lives and communities.

Why is it so valuable?
Our program is designed with a strong focus on practical learning. We believe that the best way to develop digital skills is by applying them in practice. That's why we work with trainers who are employed by the number one digital marketing educator in the Netherlands and bring in our own award-winning cases. Our students work on assignments for real clients, gaining valuable experience and honing their skills. Moreover, our trainees are highly intelligent and motivated individuals with a university background. They participate in the traineeship because they are eager to have an opportunity to work remotely for European companies. By collaborating with Adwise Academy, international businesses have the opportunity to hire highly educated talent while contributing to corporate social responsibility.


Companies that focus on diversity are as much as 35% more likely to succeed.
Research by McKinsey & Company has shown that companies prioritizing diversity are 35% more likely to be successful. A diverse team brings a wide range of perspectives and ideas, leading to innovation, creativity, and better performance. Our remote traineeship program enables European companies to not only build a diverse team but also reap the benefits that come with it, while giving talented students the opportunity to start their careers in an international setting. Together, we are creating the future of successful and inclusive organizations.

"Adwise Academy: Connect your business with TOP digital marketing talent and make a social impact!"
Adwise Academy offers a unique opportunity for companies to connect with highly educated and motivated digital marketing talent by providing cost-free internship positions for their trainees. This approach offers mutual benefits: companies gain access to skilled talent, while the trainees acquire valuable work experience. Additionally, the trainees are flexible and willing to work remotely. In collaboration with TAP, Adwise Academy aims to make a positive social impact. International companies can thus not only attract top talent but also contribute to corporate social responsibility by supporting these emerging professionals in their career development.

If you are interested, Adwise Academy offers personalized support to explore how your organization can contribute to this inspiring initiative.


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