Sabreen Shehada

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sabreen Shehada

Digital Marketing Specialist

This is Sabreen Shehada

I am Sabreen a passionate person with diverse background in transportation engineering, graphic design, and now I am excited to shift my career towards Digital Marketing. 

What I am excited about in digital marketing is its demand for: 

During the Covid quarantine, when we were stuck at home and the university was closed, I made a digital magazine and learned how to begin making graphic designs.
Problem solving:
I worked at a digital marketing agency where everyone's roles were unclear, and we missed many deadlines. So, I suggested that we start using Trello and assign clear tasks to each person. This made our company more productive.
Analytical skills:
Studying transportation engineering taught me to analyze things carefully, and make decisions based on careful analyses which is also a skill required in digital marketing. 

I'm excited to start this new journey as a digital marketer, where I can combine my design background, analytical mindset, and creative thinking to help brands connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. 
Let's collaborate and make a lasting impact in the world of digital marketing.

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